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Eleena Fikhman

Eleena Fikhman

For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you know that last year I said goodbye to my sweet baby Stelly. In honor of her memory, I decided to open my home to some very special babes who needed a foster home.

Rambo was integral to these dogs' progress while fostering with us.

You may remember sweet baby Bart - the short stack chihuahua/pittie cross who had never walked on a leash before and was bewildered by the world at large. In just a few short months with the Behavior Modification team and another few months with me, Bart was a wild boy with a party streak! He loved to play with all kinds of dogs and had never met a toy he didn't like. Bart is now living his best life with a dog brother and cat sister and two incredible humans for parents.

Then there was crazy bananas Sienna, with her abundant puppy energy. Sienna came to OHS with her litter from Oklahoma - the whole litter was a little weird and fearful. Sienna was the only puppy who didn't get adopted and the wonderful people on the animal care team realized Sienna needed a little extra help. She also joined the behavior modification program and it was quickly decided the shelter environment just wasn't for her. Sienna came home with me and Rambo and in a short 8 weeks, she was potty trained, built some confidence and was ready to fly the coop. Sienna is now living her best life with a dog brother and two humans who love her very, very much.

And maybe you remember my boi Aden, who I featured on last year's Doggie Dash. Aden arrived at OHS in 2017 from a cruelty and neglect case and spent 2.5 years with me in foster. His forever humans found him in February 2021 and he's now blossoming in their home - he's even going for neighborhood walks now!

All this is to say, that without the donations from good people like yourself, OHS wouldn't have the resources to provide dogs like Aden, Bart and Sienna the time and care they need to flourish. All of these dogs were given a second chance and your donation can continue to help dogs just like them, too! (And happy puppies and kittens and guinea pigs and degus and finches and rabbits and... the list goes on.)

Thank you on behalf of my former fosters, my future fosters, Rambo and me!

Aden's last bath before going to his furever home.

Bart's first trip to the beach. He loved it!

Sienna finding comfort on her foster brother, Rambo.


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