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Your donation goes towards my neuter surgery?!

Rebecca Ramach

Rebecca Ramach

My foster kitten, Socks, was a little surprised when visiting the amazing medical team at OHS. Thankfully, he and the other pets at OHS each year receive the care they need because of your donations.

I am so fortunate to get to work here every day where I can see the blessings of your generous gifts. The other day I met the sweetest Great Pyrenees (relax, I don't adopt every big dog!) who had five two-week-old puppies (yes, I might be in trouble in six weeks! Please pray for my willpower.) She and her puppies came to OHS from another shelter that didn’t have space and couldn’t provide care for them. Because you say yes to giving, OHS was able to say yes to saving their lives. You are their hero.

I’m immensely grateful for your continued support!

- Rebecca


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