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Animals Still Need Your Help!

Sarah Yusavitz

Sarah Yusavitz

Hi there.

Would you like to help animals and families who are being impacted by the fires in Oregon? How about animals who are in the path of hurricanes on the Gulf Coast? And animals whose owners can no longer care of them because of the impacts of Covid-19?

The Oregon Humane Society is working tirelessly to save animals affected by all of these disasters.

The world is bananas right now. For many of us, pets are the best thing we've got going for us -- they provide so much joy, unconditional love, and a reprieve from the barrage of challenges we're facing in our daily lives.

I'm raising money to support OHS because, 1) okay, yes, I work there and I love the organization; 2) OHS is working so hard to keep families together during these crazy times we're living in; and 3) when families can't stay together and animals end up in our care, OHS creates new families by matching adopters with their new forever pet.

If you're able to donate to my campaign, I will send you a personalized message from Ramona, my OHS-adopted pup who is also serving as an Ambassadasher for Doggie Dash this year! Ramona came from Oklahoma through OHS's Second Chance program this past winter, and she is my heart-dog, the light of my life, and truly the best thing that could have happened to me before the whole world went crazy this year.

Give if you have a pet. Give if you know someone who would like to give but can't. Give, and I promise you'll feel better about the state of things.

Thank you on behalf of the animals!


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