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Jessica Haggin

Jessica Haggin

I’ve thought and thought about what to say here, and everything I come up with is so long winded I get bored writing it.

So this year, I think I’m just going to tell you why I love OHS so much....

I love that during a pandemic we still found a way to adopt pets into loving homes.

I love that we’ve found a way to continue doing Second Chance transports, saving lives across the country while getting pets adopted right here.

I love that when quarantine started taking longer than anyone thought it really would, we set up a food bank. And when we ran out of food, OHS staff and volunteers rushed out to buy more so no pet would go hungry.

I love that during the awful fires of 2020, we had teams going to the evacuation camps, checking on animal welfare and sometimes even being an unexpected source of emotional support for evacuees who needed a listening ear.

I love that no matter what our differences may be outside of OHS, when we walk through those doors all the differences fade away. We’re all simply people who love animals and want to make their stay at the shelter better.

I love that in my eight years at OHS I’ve found nothing but love and support in the staff and volunteers. When something good happens, everyone cheers. When something bad happens, everyone has a shoulder for you to lean on. And that goes for personal matters, too.

I love OHS. I’m grateful to be a part of such an incredible legacy and I’m excited for what this place has in store for the future.


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