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Jes Jones

Jes Jones

Sophie came into the Oregon Humane Society March of 2020.

She was owner surrendered due to the infant in the home being allergic to her and the doctor recommended she be removed.

Heart broken and unsure of what to do, I spoke with Sophie's owner about re-homing through our facility. She had owned Sophie since she was a puppy and, while concerned about her child's health, she was openly emotional about having to give up her dog of 10 years. I did my best to console her that we would look after her, as we did with all the animals that came in, but little did I know at that time how true to my word I would remain.

On the day of her intake, Sophie's owner was too emotional to attend and sent her husband on her behalf. We chatted about Sophie's previous history a bit before taking her back for her behavioral assessment. Here was this tiny dog in her kennel, nervous and trembling with no idea why she was there or how her life would change. I used my best happy voice to get her to army crawl towards me and carried her back for her assessment.

Although undoubtedly nervous and confused, she flew through her behavior assessment with little to no concern and came out the other side as a green card dog, an indicator to the rest of our staff and volunteers that there wasn't much to worry about with her behaviorally.

To this day, I don't know what drew me to her. As I passed by her curled into a ball and feigning sleep in her kennel I couldn't get the idea of taking her home for an overnight out of my head. With nudging from my coworkers, I gathered the proper supplies and snagged the items she came in with before taking her home with me.

Sophie spent 6 hours in a kennel at a shelter before landing herself back into a home.

The Oregon Humane Society connected me with the dog that I never knew I needed and fit perfectly into my lifestyle.


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