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Join Me in Helping Pets!

Shelah Hanson

Shelah Hanson

I'm lacing up my shoes for the 2019 Doggie Dash!

You know how much I love animals and how lucky I feel to work on their behalf. Because I get to work for OHS I see the impact that donations make on pets in our community every day!

We don't put a limit on how long pets remain at their shelter and what really touches my heart is when two pets come in and are best friends, they stay for as long as it takes to find a loving home TOGETHER. 

We have an onsite hospital where vets and vet students perform more than 12,000 surgeries per year! Recently we cared for an adorable shepherd mix who was hit by a car and received a lifesaving leg surgery. 

And when it comes to disasters, OHS is also there to help pets. In 2018 we even drove a van down to California and took in cats from areas affected by the Camp Fire. 

I'm hoping you'll join me in helping pets from all walks of life. Please donate now! 

Thank you so much! 

P.S. Want to join me at Doggie Dash? Registration is FREE through March 31. Register today. >>


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