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Join Me in Helping Pets!

Stephanie Gustafson

Stephanie Gustafson

I'm lacing up my shoes for Doggie Dash, a fundraiser for Oregon Humane Society!

You know how much I love animals. I signed up for Doggie Dash because the pets in our community need help!

I started supporting OHS years ago because of the amazing work they do—and they have my extreme gratitude for introducing me to my fuzzy little monster and favorite face-licker, Grimalkin, who you have probably heard about at length if we've talked for more than 10 minutes.

Some other stuff that makes OHS really great:

Did you know that OHS never puts time limits on how long pets remain at their shelter? What really touches my heart is when two pets go to OHS and are best friends, they stay for as long as it takes to find a loving home together. 

During the pandemic, OHS has stepped up to help pets and people. Even after donating all of their PPE to local hospitals and emergency services, their medical team used handmade masks and scrubs to continue to treat and heal pets.

And when it comes to helping abused or neglected pets, they have a whole Investigations team that is still seeking justice for these animals and continues to check in on pets when community members call with concerns. OHS really does give a voice to the voiceless.

I'm hoping you'll join me in helping pets from all walks of life. Please donate now! 

Thank you so much! 
- Stephanie


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