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Rescue is my Favorite Breed!

Tracy Dowell

Tracy Dowell

Doggie Dash is back, and I am joining the pack to save lives!

John and I rescued our beloved Addison from the Oregon Humane Society in 2018 and she has brought insurmountable joy to our lives. She has increased the size of our hearts and filled a void we didn't even know was missing.

Addi was born in Redding, CA where she was abandoned at just 5 weeks old. The gracious humans at the OHS rescued our sweet girl, along with many others, and drove them to Oregon to find their forever homes.

Addi turns 4 this year and we are so grateful she chose us to provide her with unconditional love and affection.

As we like to say, rescue is our favorite breed. Rescues are special and unique! In fact, Addi is quite the mix - Staffie, American Pit, Chocolate Lab, Rotty, and Cocker Spaniel! Addi has an innately sweet demeanor and even has a 17 year old Cat as a best friend!

Our goal is to raise awareness around breed bias and to elevate the invaluable and amazing efforts the Oregon Humane Society makes on a daily basis. They are saving lives!

Each year, thousands of pets find loving homes through OHS. Some stay just a few days, while others are there for months.

I hope you'll join me in helping pets from all walks of life.

-Tracy, John, Addi, & Grace


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