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Tyler Jeffe

Tyler Jeffe

It's that time of year again! Doggie Dash is the biggest fundraiser of the year for Oregon Humane Society, and I'm asking animal lovers to show their support by donating if they can. In addition to finding homes for thousands of pets every year, OHS supports the pet community in so many ways. Last year, we opened our Community Veterinary Hospital, which provides low-cost medical care to families in need. We also opened our Behavior and Rescue Center, which will let us assist in more animal rescues and help animals who require a more TLC before they are ready to go up for adoption. We spay and neuter thousands of unaltered cats in the community, investigate animal cruelty complaints, advocate for progressive animal legislation, provide education in the form of classes, camps and presentations... we even have trained Technical Animal Rescue volunteers who save animals from precarious situations!

My passion is helping animals who struggle in the shelter find their confidence, manners, and eventually a home. This past year has seen even more growth in our Behavior Foster Program, which has saved the lives of many pets who might not have had a chance otherwise. While this program runs largely on the gracious support of our amazing volunteers, we need to be able to fund programs like these so that we can continue to help more and more animals, as well as the people who welcome them into their families. Every dollar helps, so please consider donating if you can! (Or, volunteer or donate to your local animal shelter if you'd rather support the animals in your community!)

Thank you Laura! I hope you remember me, but for those who don't, my name is Lola and I first came to OHS in October of 2021 with a long list of medical issues. On top of that, I was completely overwhelmed by the shelter environment, and really struggled in a kennel setting. I was lucky enough to get wonderful medical care, and found help in the form of several dedicated foster parents who helped me recover and relax in a home until my forever people finally came along in October of 2022. It was really a group effort to save my life, and now me and my adoptive family are so happy together! Thank you, Laura, for your generous donation, and for all you do for animals like me!

Thanks Kate! My name is Kevin, and I came to OHS in December of 2021 in need of surgery on both of my back legs in order to walk comfortably. As a young husky, I didn't have the easiest time with kennel rest after my surgery, and my frustration built up the longer I was here. I'll admit, I developed some bad habits. A lot of shelters would have given up on me, but I was transferred into OHS' Behavior Modification Program where I worked on my manners while building my strength back up! Now I'm in a home where I go on hikes, play with other dogs, and keep my human happy with all my goofy husky antics. Thank you for supporting dogs like me with your donation!


Donate to my page and get a customized thank you message and picture from one of my favorite dogs that OHS helped this year!


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