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Tyler Jeffe

Tyler Jeffe

I'm (virtually) lacing up my (metaphorical) shoes for Doggie Dash, a (online) fundraiser for Oregon Humane Society!

There's a lot going on in the world, but OHS is still doing a ton to help animals and our community, and we rely on donations to keep the work going. I could go into detail about all the work we do, but I think everyone would rather just see the faces of some of the dogs OHS has helped save. These are some of my favorite dogs that have come through during the COVID crisis.

I hope these pups bring a little light to your day and inspire you to give if you can. Every little bit helps!

For the animals,

- Tyler


Bonzo: Only has three legs, but has a huge heart and makes everyone he meets smile in his forever home.

Sally: This goofy girl took a while (too long, really) to find her home, but she did and that’s all that matters.

Stella: A beautiful lady who just needed a little time to trust new people. She was given that time and found a great home!

Henry: Came in with a mass on his leg, had surgery and found his home shortly after. A very big, very handsome boy

Oden: A very handsome boy who found his forever home a few weeks ago!

Uma: Currently in foster working on her reactivity. A very sweet girl!

Max: Very scared in the beginning, but soon showed everyone how incredible he is and found a great home with a dog brother and loving parents!

Bailey: Came in very fearful, came to show a ton of personality in the shelter before getting adopted a few weeks ago.

Missy: Came in with puppies, then worked on her overstimulated behaviors, currently enjoying her happily ever after with a great family!

Sara: Fearful and struggled initially in the shelter, but came around and is now loving life in her new home!

King: Surrendered due to loss of home, was bathed, neutered, chipped vaccinated and sent home on August 19th!

Hazel: Struggled with fear and overstimulation, improved greatly in the shelter with time, adopted August 6th!

Thadius: Surrendered as a fearful, undersocialized dog, bounced around in foster, adopted September 14th!

Cate: Came from MCAS as a medical surrender, treated and adopted out July 31st! (Does not always look quite as goofy)

Dexter: Surrendered to the shelter for being too active, adopted July 25th!


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Recent Donations

1. Indiana Quadra
In memory of PorkChop
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For all you do for the love of dogs.
3. Sophie/Otis Jeffe
A house isn’t a home without a dog. Great work.
4. Ralph Merwin
Tula says Hi!
5. Jamie Goldberg
In loving memory of Pork Chop ❤️
6. Tyler Jeffe
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