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Join Westley and I in Helping Pets!

Luba & Westley

Luba & Westley

Westley and I are getting ready for Doggie Dash!

We are both passionate about animal welfare and love what to do to help animals in shelters until they find their forever homes.

This year I got the opportunity to assist shelters affected by the tornado in Alabama with back cats and dogs back to Portland for adoptions. It was a wonderful experience and I was grateful to work with staff and volunteers to achieve the goal to give animals a second chance for adoption.

Westley does his part too to help the animals. He’s always ready to help out dogs in the shelter build their confidence, whether that be spending time in an office, going out on a walk in the rose garden, or playing in the pool together during playgroups!

Please help us reach our goal!!

We will be attending Doggie Dash this year. We hope to see you there!

Thank you so much!

Luba & Westley


Zach came from a meat farm in South Korea in October. We helped Zach and other dogs build their confidence and get ready to find their forever homes!


Assisting shelters in Alabama.


raised of $500 goal

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1. Lynne Jones
2. Jan Meyer
You are such a pleasure to work with!!!
3. Patricia Heffron
Thank you for all that you do for the animals!
4. Pat Bowman
Starting to do placement prep (under your great guidance) has been a wonderful addition to the many awesome things I get to do at OHS. Thank you!
5. Lisa Stevens
In appreciation for your valuable work and your commitment to helping pets & people
6. Anonymous
For the boys . . . .
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