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Jennifer Barta

Jennifer Barta

Gertie's Story--

2 years ago in June, My coworker Erika and I were visiting a long time partner shelter down in southern Oregon (Klamath Falls Animal Shelter). We were walking around the dog kennels and I couldn't look away. I was in love! This adorable little munchkin was blindly walking around her kennel with her "sister", who was a larger cattle dog type of dog. She was then 15 and her sister 13. The local animal control removed them from their home due to neglect. These poor kids lived a VERY long time without vet care and needed help.

As you may know, the law can move slowly for animals and it can take a long time to get ownership of them. OHS is actively working to change laws and give animals a voice! Being partners with this shelter, we did what we could to help them. Our lawyer, investigatons staff and even our VP of the Medical Team and Operations got involved, and finally after 2 years, these girls were free!
Free from neglect, free from a kennel and free to live a new life!

Our friends at the Klamath Animal Shelter transferred the girls to us to see what we could do. After thorough exams and bloodwork we sadly discovered that Gertie's sister had severe renal failure and was suffering. The only humane thing to do was to end her suffering. Now Gertie was all alone at 17.

I took her home that night. I couldn't stand her living one more day in a kennel. It was time for her to have a new life. Whatever time she had left, we are ALL going to make sure that happened!

Thanks to Klamath Falls Animal Shelter for freeing her and caring for her for 2 years, thanks to the Oregon Humane Society staff for helping get ownership and medical treatment. Thanks to our volunteer transport drivers and the Second Chance team that got her to us!!

Please, help us save more beautiful lives like little Gertie!

All of your donation will go directly to the Oregon Humane Society to help with continuing to care for and adopt out over 11,000 animals each year.

Please consider donating to the animals on Gertie's behalf. Just click on the Donate button on this page, and think of all the lives you are helping!

Thanks you!!!

About the Oregon Humane Society: OHS is the largest and oldest humane society in the Northwest. Last year, OHS found homes for more than 11,600 pets, investigated more than 1,000 reports of animal cruelty, and reached 14,000 people through its humane education programs.



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