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Please note- The deadline to join the team has passed. We would still love your donation! We are defending our trophy and are going to work hard to keep it. We raised over $20,000 last year to help pets and we are committed to raising at least that much this year!

Please support our team as we dash to raise funds for pets. We want to help the Oregon Humane Society raise $675,000 for pets in need.

To support a team member, click on the name of a member that you see below. Each donation on behalf of a team member counts toward the team's overall goal as well as the member's goal. If you prefer to give to the team as whole, and not on behalf of an individual, click on the Donate button.

Thanks for supporting our team -- together we can make a difference!
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1. Nigel T
2. Abadie Family
Thanks for dashing for doggies! Hope you and Batman had a great time!
3. Lynne Chao
Doubling with Laura Swingen
4. Nicolle Hofmann
Thank you for dashing Debora...glad you posted on FB.
5. Joan Wessinger
Good luck Lily from your friend Poppy!!??
6. Starla Goff
Run like the wind! Good luck!