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2017 Doggie Dash - Join Me in Helping Pets!

Angelina Lusetti

Angelina Lusetti

5/1 Raffle Prize Update! I received generous gift card donations from ¿Por Que No? ($50), Paiche ($50) and Lompoc Brewing ($30) so I have a few incentives to share!

-Each donation of $30+ enters you to win one of the gift cards
-The next 3 donations of $75+ will receive the gift card of their choice!

-Each additional donation increases your chance of winning, and if you have already donated these amounts you'll automatically be entered. If you have donated a little bit less than these amounts, feel free to add on so you can win :)

Hello friends!

I’m taking part in the Oregon Humane Society’s annual Doggie Dash fundraiser on Saturday, May 13th!

OHS has been such an important part of my life over the years...It's where I adopted Max 8 years ago, it has provided me with meaningful volunteer and fostering opportunities (you may have met or cuddled sweet Pebbles, Carl, Tagalong, Samoa & Trefoil - pictured above!), and I am so honored to be currently working at OHS as a resource for the Doggie Dash campaign. As someone who has the biggest heart for animals, I am so happy to be able to give my time and energy to a truly special place.

Doggie Dash is our largest fundraiser, and it provides funds to fight animal cruelty, heal injured and ill pets, and find homes for pets who have run out of options. Together, we are saving lives and making our community a better place.

Please feel no pressure to donate, but if you would like to help OHS find homes for pets and continue their amazing work to stop animal cruelty, you can click on the donate link or reach out to me for more information on ways to help!

Your donation helps in so many ways and every amount helps - $50 vaccinates 10 pets, $85 spays/neuters 3 animals, $200 feeds every pet in the shelter for one day. You are really making a difference.

I'll be Dashing for Max and all of my foster kittens on Saturday, May 13th! :)

Thank you so much!

For the animals and our community,
Angelina & Max

About the Oregon Humane Society: OHS is the largest and oldest humane society in the Northwest. Last year, OHS found homes for more than 11,600 pets, investigated more than 1,000 reports of animal cruelty, and reached 14,000 people through its humane education programs, all without any tax dollars.



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Recent Donations

1. Jessica Larson
Donating so one day everyone can have a companion as special as Zella or Max! ??
2. Angelina Lusetti
For Max (adopted from OHS), who is eternally priceless to me and the sweetest companion out there. And for the adorable OHS kittens I have fostered - Pebbles, Carl, Tagalong, Trefoil, and Samoa. Endless love to you all!
3. Jeanette Kruskamp
Congratulations Angelina. Love from ALL of us.
4. Michelle Unger
Go Angelina!
5. Lori Lusetti
In memory of our sweet little kitty Tuxedo.
6. Jeanette Kruskamp
Dear Angelina and Max and your precious adopted kittens. We appreciate all the love and time you have shared and continue share to help all the sweet animals.
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