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Help Us to Help Pets!

Kelsey O'Lea

Kelsey O'Lea

To know me is to know my pets - they're a part of my family! This is why I am proud to be a part of the Oregon Humane Society, the largest and oldest humane society in the Northwest.

OHS provides shelter for the homeless, second chances for the hopeless, and a voice for the helpless. More than 11,000 animals find loving homes through OHS each year. Support for these animals comes solely through your tax-deductible donations; OHS receives zero federal funding. So, how far do your dollars go?

$30 = provides one day of shelter care for a pet
$50 = vaccinates 10 pets entering the shelter
$100 = feeds 20 pets for one week
$250 = provides medical care for an injured pet
$500 = spays/neuters 14 pets to stop animal overpopulation
$1,000 = transports 120 pets from smaller shelters giving them a new life

I hope you'll join me in giving these animals the chance to become family, and donate today!

- Kelsey, Lambeau (adopted 2014), Hawk (adopted 2012) and Luna (adopted 2011)


Doggie Dash is OHS' largest peer-to-peer fundraising event. Our $675,000 fundraising goal goes to serve the thousands of animals passing through our doors each year, providing food, medical care, behavioral training, transport from overcrowded shelters, and rescue from abusive circumstances. Learn more about the Oregon Humane Society at: oregonhumane.org.



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