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I'm Dashing...

Laura Jackson

Laura Jackson

Yeah...we all know I'm handsome, dashing, smart...
Oh...oh...that kind of "dashing."
I'm dashing to help homeless pets. You see, about 8 years ago, I was partners with a nice man, who took me to training and loved me. But due to circumstances beyond his control, he had to surrender me.

OHS was there to assure him that I would be adopted into a loving home, and not sold into research or something equally awful.

At the same time, Jackson's old dog had crossed the bridge and she and C. were looking for a new best friend. Again...OHS to the rescue.

So Me and Jackson are dashing on Saturday in honor of all the homeless pets OHS has helped and will continue to help, thanks to your generous donations.


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Being owned by a BMC is certainly a lifetime commitment, and commitment is what it takes. And the furrkids deserve it.
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