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Stephanie Kittrell

Stephanie Kittrell

Animals have always been a big part of our lives. From adopting to finding strays, we have always found it important to help pets in need. We've been lucky enough to have some amazing dogs and cats come into our lives and we are eternally grateful for the love and compassion they have shown us. That's why we support the work of the Oregon Humane Society.

They help with rescuing animals from neglect and abuse, provide them with needed medical care, enrich their lives through behavior and training, and find them loving homes. Over 11,000 pets come through Oregon Humane Society's doors each year. They also work with dozens of other animal shelters across the U.S. that need their help. Whether it's due to overcrowding or a large rescue, OHS coordinates the transfer of thousands of pets that need help into their facility where they are provided with state of the art care.

Each year we participate in the Oregon Humane Society’s Doggie Dash on May 13, and we need your help. Doggie Dash is their largest fundraiser of the year and funds raised help to keep the shelter running all year long. As a shelter that receives no tax dollars, OHS is dependent on the generosity and support of individuals like you!

Please, donate on behalf of all the animals that have changed your life. Just click on the Donate button on this page, and help a pet in need.

Thanks so much!

About the Oregon Humane Society: OHS is the largest and oldest humane society in the Northwest. Last year, OHS found homes for more than 11,600 pets, investigated more than 1,000 reports of animal cruelty, and reached 14,000 people through its humane education programs.



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Rescued kitties are the best!
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