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My Oregon Humane Society Fundraising Page

Grace & Caitlin

All Creatures Big and Small

Our names are Grace and Caitlin
We are here today asking for your help on our journey to save animals lives. Everyday a human we know, care for , or are has fought to stay alive. just like animals they fight everyday to stay alive. Think about it. Was it hard?
We don't like seeing animals in harm, danger, sad, scared, helpless, etc. We want to make a difference, and save the animals, but we can't do it alone. When you guys donate we go from being two (Caitlin and I) to a team (All you that are donating). With every donation we as a Team worked together and saved those animals lives, we as a team can do anything we set our minds to. A team is the strongest thing there is. We as humans are the only way to save them. Any donation helps! Caitlin and I we both thank you for donation!


raised of $250 goal

Recent Donations

1. BMBill & Beth McShane
We couldn’t be more proud of you ladies. Way to go!
2. MWMatt Wakeling
I am so proud of you! Keep up the great work!
3. LMLynn McShane-Freeman
So proud of you two Caitlin for spending your a Halloween on behalf of God's creatures! Thank you for your service!!
4. ?Anonymous
Great job you two!