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My Oregon Humane Society Fundraising Page

Carol Henry

In Loving Memory of Lois Young

Dear Friends and Family,

As many of you know, Lois died suddenly in December 2020, leaving us all empty and bereft. She was a caring, kind, and special person to her family, friends, and anyone with a cat or dog. Lois first loved kitties and over time she had five precious bundles when she lived in Reno, NV. She almost always had two jobs then, so she wasn’t home much. Therefore, independent kitties seemed like the best choice. After her second husband passed, Lois was befriended by a neighbor family, The Lawton’s. The Lawton’s had a dog named Snickers. Lois started taking Snickers for walks and soon fell in love with her. They often went to Coughlin Ranch so Snickers could chase crawdads. Then Lois started taking Snickers home at night. She partnered with Drew Lawton to co-care for Snickers. Lois would take Snicker’s to Drew’s office in the morning and go pick her up on her way home at night. Everybody was delighted. When Lois moved from Reno back to her native Portland, Drew sent Snickers with Lois. Lois and Snickers joined the dog community in the SW Condor neighborhood and Snickers lived almost five more years in Portland, as a friendly, gracefully-aging companion.

The SW Condor neighborhood is extremely people and dog-friendly, getting to know each other on walks and gatherings in the park. In early 2020, one generous neighborhood family was fostering a pregnant mother dog and eventually, her seven puppies for the Oregon Humane Society (OHS). When the puppies were eight weeks old, Lois was over-joyed to adopt the smallest one through OHS. She named her Chloe and she is best described as a “rocket.” Lois worked hard to train her (still a work in-progress) and took her everywhere she went. It was a bond made in heaven. Chloe is now a happy 10-month old, weighing 40+ pounds and has been taken in by Lois’s family.

We want to thank the Oregon Humane Society and the families that do foster care. They do such wonderful work and we want to ensure continued support for them and OHS. Please join us in honoring Lois and her love for animals by donating to OHS. Thank you.

Carol & Tim Henry and Robert & Lorraine Duncan


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