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Oregon Humane Society Memorial

In Loving Memory Of Larry Deal Sr.

In Loving Memory of Larry Deal Sr.

Please help us support Oregon Humane Society by making a contribution in memory of Larry Deal Sr. Larry Jr. and his father shared a love for animals. We hope this donation helps to honor your relationship.

All of us at INW send our sincere condolences. Sincerely-Your Team


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Recent Donations

1. JCJoe Connell
Very sorry for your loss Larry.
2. AOAndrea Ochsner
Sending loving and healing thoughts to you and your family. I'm so sorry for your loss.
3. CPChris Psota
4. JHJenna Holt
5. MMarsha
In memory of a life well lived and for animals well loved.
6. DDDiann Drummond
In memory of Larry Deal Sr who cared and supported our animal friends and companions.