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Pets of Sellwood Contest

Sellwood MS CSC

Pets of Sellwood contest

The contest ended on 4/6/21, but you can still donate if you would like! Donations go straight to OHS to help them find forever homes for animals

What makes OHS different from other shelters?

No time limits on how long animals can stay at the shelter. They stay until they can find a forever home!

They are the third oldest animal shelter in the country. In 2018 they celebrated their 150th anniversary!

They have one of the highest adoption rates in the country, 3-4 times the national average!

They provide free and low cost spay and neuter surgeries for pets owned by low-income families!

Each year they rescue 7,000 pets for the Second Chance program!

Each year 11,000+ pets are cared for and adopted!

OHS is a non profit shelter!

And so much more!


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