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Oregon Human Society Fundraiser Page

The Lisa Mays Memorial

The Lisa Mays Memorial

You can help support the Oregon Humane Society by making a contribution in honor and loving memory of Lisa Mays and sharing The Lisa Mays Memorial OHS Fundraiser Page with your family and friends. Every dollar that is raised will advance Oregon Humane Society's great cause!

🐢🐱 Together, we can make a difference!


raised of $100 goal

Recent Donations

1. SSynapse Product Development
2. MMMarty (M4Dux) Martindale
3. ?Anonymous
4. BABob Adams
Thanks for always being so nice to not just myself, but to all those lives who you came and contact with. You made a positive difference in this world and your spirt & your smile really impacted those who knew you. Your Loss will be felt by Your family, friends and your Duck Family. Go Ducks, We know you will still be cheering your team on!
5. SSusan aka GoDucksHoogie
What a great way to honor her memory!
6. ?Anonymous
Go Ducks! Tell Pre hi for the rest of us mortals Lisa.