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Therese's 50th Birthday CatsGiving

Thank you for visiting! If you spend any time with Therese you'll very quickly find out just how passionate she is about her kitties. To celebrate her birthday, we're asking for donations to be given in her name to the Oregon Humane Society so that more kittens will have better lives!

This is a surprise! We'll let her know about your donations on January 19th!



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Recent Donations

1. ABAlicia Bequette
I so wish I could dance & drink the night away at your fabulous party (big props to Andy btw), and give you big hugs with lots of laughs, but I will plan for a later date of shenanigans when I can make it all work! love you to pieces :) Alicia
2. SPSusan Prior
Therese, best wishes for a fabulous birthday party and 50th year ahead... So sad to miss this surprise birthday party for you as I will be visiting my mama in Florida. Let's make a plan to do a double date next month when my travel is a little lighter. Cheers, XO Susan Prior