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In Memory of Chloe Simon

Tom Blanchard

A Special Lady we will never Forget!

We'd like to honor Chloe by making a donation in her name to the Oregon Humane Society. May all the pups in the world live as full and rich of a life as she did!


raised of $500 goal

Recent Donations

1. LJLeah Jacobson
What a beautiful pup! Such a loving friend. xo
2. <<3
3. kkk
We'll miss that bottom lip that wouldn't quit, couldn't quit. Bumbie love is the best love. <3
4. MSMary Simon
Bill and I loved sweet Chloe, even though at the beginning she was not so sure about Bill! All these years we have so many memories! Yes I let her sleep on my bed! Yes we snuck her treats. Most of all we love how she loved our Katie in good times and not so good times. Katie you were an awesome Mom to her. You stayed through thick and thin, as she stayed with you. We were Blessed. ??Mom and Dad.
5. MFManny Franklin
6. TBTracy Blanchard