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Please Help Me End Petlessness

Frances Mchugh

Frances McHugh's 8th Birthday

My name is Frances and I love animals. Someday, I will be a veterinarian. Until then, I plan to help animals in other ways.

Instead of birthday gifts this year, please consider a donation to help end petlessness in Oregon. Thank you!

Frances McHugh


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Recent Donations

1. RLRebecca Leblanc
2. LBLeslie Bray
Happy Birthday Frances!!!
3. AAAmelia Albright
Happy Birthday Frances!!! Love, Grey
4. AAileen Lanaghan
Happy birthday Frances!
5. HHarper
Happy Birthday, Frances! You are such a great girl and we love your love of animals! xo Harper and The Brinkley Family
6. CCameron Lewis
Happy Birthday Frances!