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Gwenn & Carolyn Wedding

We are huge fans of the Oregon Humane Society and the services that they provide. All of our beloved animals have come from shelters (many of them from OHS) so we feel that it is only fitting that we give back to the organization that has provided us with so much love over the years. Our love to you - gwenn + carolyn


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Recent Donations

1. JAJames Aspros
What a wonderful weekend it was!! Thank you so much for the opportunity to be a witness to your special day. I wish you both the best in a life filled with fun, laughter, and love. Jimbo
2. AAmanda and Mike
We are so excited to celebrate with you both on your special day! We love you and all of your fur children!
3. KVKori Vyse
For all the love you have shared over the years with your fur kids! And for all of ours.
4. AGAnne Gallagher
Congratulations, ladies! Honored to be a part of your wonderful celebration. To all the Sophias and Frankies of the world. ??
5. RRae & Jill
Congratulations to you both! We're so happy to be celebrating with you. Love, Rae & Jill
6. GSGinn Staines
Looking forward to joining you for this joyful weekend! Denny and Ginn et al.