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Oregon Humane Society Fundraising Drive 2019

Lily Ragan

Oregon Humane Society Fundraising Drive 2019

Please help me support the Oregon Humane Society by making a contribution to my fundraiser! I have been doing this fundraiser for 5 years now and have helped to raise thousands of dollars and bring in hundreds of items for the shelter! Please help me to make a difference!


raised of $1,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. SZSuzanne & Craig Zarling
2. LGLaurie Griff
Dear Lily, I hope this puts you over the top!!!! Congratulations on the wonderful volunteer work that you do for these deserving animals
3. LVLuc, Julie And Victor
Great job Lily! We're so proud of the continued work that you do for OHS. We also appreciate the care that OHS gave to Rooster Boy and Fleur before they each became members of our family.
4. SNSarah & Sadie Nanson
Great job Lily! We are so proud of you for all of the years you have worked so hard for our furry friends!
5. jrJoyce Ragan
6. KKKatherine Kreutzer
Great job, Lily!!