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In Memory of Snickers

Katie Schenk

In Memory of Snickers

We all know how much Snickers meant to Amanda and when thinking about what we could do, we thought it best to gather a donation to the Oregon Humane Society.

We'll close this campaign out in a few days so please, donate what you can and we'll provide a card and the donation information when she returns to work on Friday.

Thank you!


raised of $300 goal

Recent Donations

1. RRobert & Jenell
So sorry to hear this news.
2. RYRobin Yuen
I'm sorry for the loss of your wonderful little guy. I know how much he meant to you.
3. SSue
4. DDawn Huff
We'll never forget sweet little Snickers.
5. JWJeff Willis
I am so sorry. I know how much you loved Snickers. When my lil Katie died, you were one of the first people to reach out to me.
6. CKChelsea Keating
For Snickers and his love of the sun! He will be truly missed.