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Mitch Dickinson

Mitch & Katie's Cats Vs. Dogs Challenge - TEAM DOGS!

Hello, Team Dogs! Here’s our chance to bring home the bacon - Mmm...bacon… wait, what was I saying? Oh, right! This our chance to help our friends at the Oregon Humane Society. After all, we help the Police as Search and Rescue dogs, we help guide the blind, and we provide love and affection to our humans, so we deserve to win! Any donation above $1 will help us show the cats we really ARE man’s best frie- SQUIRREL!


raised of $100 goal

Recent Donations

1. JhJenna Hall
Save the puppers!
2. DDani & Nick
For all the donkey dogs!
3. KOKay Orr
It has to be team DOGS!! Mocha and Sammy Orr
4. NNonnie Merce
Nonnie Merce says sorry Moes but she is voting for dogs!
5. BKBecky Knechtel
There is NO question, dog RULE!
6. MMamma Sahn
Poochie says "Hi" to Diggie and hopes that for the wedding he gets some tasties!