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JDI for the animals!!

Margot Fleming

Thank you Nikki!

Hello Friends..

If there is one thing that we all know about Nikki it's that she loves animals. She has 2 dogs who are named Boston and Thom Yorkie and the head of the household is Smokey who is a cat.

What some people might be surprised to know is that the Oregon Humane Society is one of her favorite organizations and one that Nikki has actively given back to for many years.

So even though we're sad that Nikki is moving on we look forward to keeping in touch and seeing all her amazing work in the future.



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Recent Donations

1. LMLarisa Manuel
Thank you and best to you Nikki!
2. PPat Jeffers
Thanks for everything, Nik.
3. PMPaul Martin
Thank you for your leadership and for all that you've done for me and many others. Excited to witness the next chapter of your journey!
4. JGJonas Greenberg
Gonna miss you Nikki but I am SO excited for your next adventure! I hope your lasting image of me will be from NRC Pace Camp...on a mechanical bull...with my Oregon Track Club singlet..Sober AF! xoxo - JG
5. NNikki Neuburger