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Wanna save a puppy? Wanna save a BUNCH of puppies!?

Rose Williams-Fitzpatrick

Rose Williams-Fitzpatrick

I started working at OHS as an adoptions counselor in 2017
I fell in love with my puppy Harvey in October of that same year, and while neglecting to mention my mouse, two cats, and husband, Harvey is the absolute love of my life.

He was a skinny, 10-month-old (we think), 55 lb. Great Pyrenees mix who had come all the way from Texas after Hurricane Harvey. This hurricane devastated the state and left many pets separated from their loved ones, alone, scared, and hungry in the middle of a natural disaster.

OHS was able to send volunteers to the disaster area to help set up an emergency shelter, feed the hungry, love the scared, and reunite the lost family members affected by the hurricane. And as a non-government funded non-profit, it would not have been possible without your donations.

Harvey is now a 105 lb., almost 2.5-year-old lap dog, who lives up to his namesake, and I couldn't imagine my life without him in it.

Because of rad people like you, and opportunities to fundraise like Doggie Dash, so many more Harvey's found their way back home, and so many more are finding their second chances through OHS.

$100 Vaccinates 20 kittens... OHS processes almost 600 cats on average per month.
$250 Provides one day of shelter care for eight pets... OHS adopts over 12,000 pets a year who stay in the shelter several days on average.
$500 Spays and neuters 14 pets to stop animal overpopulation locally... because of this we are able to partner with overpopulated shelters around the nation, like my Harvey's, to give more pets a second chance.
$1,000 Transports 120 of these pets from these smaller shelters... OHS was able to transfer over 8,000 just last year.

You may not know what your donation means to us, but it adds up, and the pets, and families, you help bring together appreciate it the most.

Please consider making a donation.

In return I will match the first donations up to $75.



Get a 10x20 custom pet portrait with a donation of $100! (pictured: Nina, my mothers cat, next to her christmas present - a 5x7 custom pet portrait, Acryllic on canvas)

You want nerd art? For a $50 donation I'll make you some!

Did you miss out on this guy? For a $50 donation I'll make you a better one ;)

Just $25 gets you one of these 3x3 paintings... but why not double it for two?

He's gained about 50 lbs. of love weight <3


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