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Event Day FAQs

Is Doggie Dash a timed race?
Can I participate without a dog?
What are the leash rules?
Do I need proof of my dog's vaccinations?
Are there restrictions on what dogs are allowed?
Are baby strollers, skateboards, or bicycles allowed?
Who is responsible for dog waste cleanup?

Registration & Website FAQs

How do I log in?
How can I send a donation request or thank you email to my donors?
How do I add a livestream?
How do I enter Endurance Challenges?
How do I make a donation during registration?
Someone else registered me for Doggie Dash. How do I log in?
How can I register additional participants, like my spouse, children, or friends?
How do I get back to my fundraising portal?
How do I switch teams or join a team?
What is my personal page URL?
How do I find a Dasher's personal page?
Have more questions about using this website and online fundraising tools?

Fundraising FAQs

Do I have to raise money to attend Doggie Dash?
What are the prizes offered for raising funds?
Can I raise money even if I can't attend Doggie Dash?
What is the fundraising deadline for Doggie Dash?
Will donors to my Doggie Dash fundraiser receive a donation receipt?
What can I do if a check is written out to me personally?
How quickly can I expect a donation to post to my page?
A donor is requesting a Tax ID number. What is that and how can I get it?
Why are some of my donors not showing up in the Recent Donations list on my fundraising page?
Where can I find a list of the people who have donated to me?
Why am I receiving emails telling me that I've received a donation?
Have more questions about fundraising?
Can I ask a business for support?
Can I have my prizes shipped to me?
How do I apply my employer’s matching gift to my Doggie Dash page?

Donation FAQs

How do I add a dedication when I make a donation?
What is Oregon Humane Society's Tax ID number?
Can I make a donation to a Team?
Where should I mail donation checks?
Who should I make my check out to?
How do I find a participant's personal page?
How quickly can I expect an online donation to post to a participant's fundraising account?
Are donations tax-deductible?
Do all donors who mail their donations receive a receipt?
Do all donors who contribute online receive a receipt?
For Canadian donations made online with a credit card, will the amount entered be in U.S. dollars?