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We know that asking for donations can feel uncomfortable for some, but you don't need to be a fundraising expert to raise money! If you're still nervous, just remember: It's not a selfish ask — you're trying to help a good cause! The worst they can do is say "no" (and that's okay). Make sure you're opted in to receive our emails so you don't miss even more fundraising tips and bonus prize challenges.

Use the resources from our Fundraising Toolkit below to get started. If you need support with your fundraising, you can always reach the Doggie Dash Support Team at

Shareable Graphics

Save one of the images below or share a photo of your pet in your fundraising outreach! On desktop, right click “save image as." On mobile, press and hold until a prompt pops up and add it to your photo library.



Shareable Videos

Share a video to get your followers excited about Doggie Dash and to boost your fundraiser! Click the links below to share on your Instagram or TikTok account.

Instagram Version   |   TikTok Version



Instagram Version   |   TikTok Version




Email Template

Kick off your fundraising efforts by reaching out to your email contacts. Can't find the words? Use our sample email template to help you find your voice.

Tip: You can also send donation requests and thank you emails to your donors through your fundraising portal. Get a step-by-step tutorial.

Social Media Templates

Broadcast your fundraiser on social media! Use our sample social posts to craft your message. Be sure to include a photo of your pet or one of our shareable graphics above.

Shareable Stories

Sharing a shelter pet's story can be really impactful in your fundraising outreach! Use one of our shareable stories featuring shelter pets from Oregon Humane Society.

Printable Posters

Help spread the word about Doggie Dash and recruit new teammates! Pick a poster to print and place it at your favorite neighborhood spots (coffee shops, pet stores, dog parks, etc.). Click one of the images below to access the printable poster.