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Friday, April 12, 2024


Doggie Dash is going green! We are thrilled to announce that we are working with Eco-Products and Republic Services to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact at the event!

How We Are Minimizing Waste

Some changes that you'll see around the event are:

- Compostable food serviceware at water stations, the Libation Station, the Rest Your Paws tent, and the food trucks.
- "Evergreen" signage and banners that can be reused for future events.
- Linen tablecloths on vendor tables instead of plastic.
- Multiple Waste Sorting Stations to ensure that items end up in the correct receptacles. 
How You Can Help

We need your help to minimize the environmental impact at Doggie Dash! Please consider the following as you plan to attend the event:

- Bring your own water bottle. There will be plenty of water refill stations for both you and your pup! (Don't have one? Reusable water bottles will be sold onsite!) 

- Use compostable poop bags. These will be available at the event if you're not sure how eco-friendly your current poop bags are!

- Think about what freebies you will use before you take it.

- Make sure you dispose of waste at the Sorting Stations. They will be staffed with friendly volunteers to help make sure your items end up in the right place! 

- Get bonus points by taking public transportation to the event! Our friends at TriMet are allowing dogs on board Max trains specifically for the event (see full TriMet dog regulations here) 

Fundraising Email Template

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Hi [NAME]!

I’m participating in Oregon Humane Society’s Doggie Dash and raising funds to help animals in need!
OHS finds homes for more than 10,000 animals every year, and never puts a time limit on how long an animal can stay in their care. Beyond providing care for thousands of shelter animals, OHS operates a full-service veterinary clinic that offers subsidized care to pet owners in the community who need assistance.

I am trying to raise $[INSERT YOUR GOAL] for OHS, all of which will directly go towards sustaining their lifesaving programs and services. Will you help me reach my goal?

This cause matters to me personally because [INSERT SENTENCE ABOUT WHY YOU’RE FUNDRAISING].


Thank you for your support!

[SAMPLE] Fundraising Social Media Posts

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Use your social media to do good! To make donating as easy as possible for your friends and followers, add your Doggie Dash page link to your social media bios, and provide a direct link to your page where possible. Be sure to follow OHS on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for the latest updates on our lifesaving work and more heartwarming stories you can share!


Tip: Facebook Fundraisers don't count toward your Doggie Dash fundraising page. Make sure you're sharing the link to your fundraising page!

Help me help animals at @oregonhumane! Every donation ensures that OHS can continue providing shelter, quality medical care, and tons of love while animals wait for their new families. Any amount helps!  [INSERT YOUR FUNDRAISING LINK] #doggiedash


Tip: Add the link to your Doggie Dash page in the bio of your profile.

Help me help animals at @oregonhumane! Every donation ensures that OHS can continue providing shelter, quality medical care, and tons of love while animals wait for their new families. Any amount helps!  [INSERT YOUR FUNDRAISING LINK] #doggiedash

Sharable Stories of OHS Animals

Tuesday, February 6, 2024


Goose arrived from an overcrowded shelter in Pendleton, a long journey for this nervous and shy kitty. 

Staff noticed right away that Goose was struggling. She didn’t like to be touched and was so fearful in her new surroundings, she would dart away out of reach from the staff who were trying to care for her. Quickly, they identified her as a good candidate for our Behavior Modification Program, and because of generous donors, Goose moved into the specially built cattery at the new Behavior and Rescue Center (BRC).  


While lounging in the sunroom and playing with toys and other cats in the communal space, Goose began to open up. The Behavior and Rescue Center (BRC) was the just the quiet, peaceful place she needed to build her confidence and begin to connect with her human friends. Soon this shy kitty was ready, and she found a new home and a supportive family who continues to help her grow. 


When Asher arrived at Oregon Humane Society, he was emaciated and showed other signs of neglect. A thorough medical exam determined that Asher was suffering from lack of nutrition and other medical conditions as a result of his mistreatment.

OHS Humane Special Agents cited his owners with animal neglect and OHS Humane Law Enforcement worked closely with the District Attorney on Asher’s case. Vital steps were taken to ensure that evidence of Asher's mistreatment was irrefutable, and justice would be served.
Throughout his lengthy recovery, Asher's case moved through the legal system. Thanks to generous donors, Asher received the care, regular meals, and loving environment he so desperately needed. While this gentle dog remained in OHS' care for over a year, eventually, his owners plead guilty.
With recovery behind him, Asher can focus on the next chapter of his life — spending his days in a loving home.


Judith arrived to OHS Portland Campus after Salem Police officers investigated a reported case of neglect and abandonment, they arrived at the property and found several cats, including Judith, without food and water.

They called OHS’ Humane Law Enforcement team who agreed to help bring the animals to safety. Judith was one of the first animals to receive a forensic exam and have evidence collected by a veterinarian and technician at OHS' Animal Crimes Forensic Center.

Judith struggled with fearful behavior because of her previous neglect, so she came to stay at OHS’ Behavior and Rescue Center. She worked on her skills and confidence to be ready for adoption. 

Salem Police tracked down Judith’s previous owner and the evidence collected at the Animal Crimes Forensic Center found the suspect guilty and secured justice for Judith and the other cats. 

All of the cats from case, including Judith, made remarkable progress at the Behavior and Rescue Center and found new homes where they continue to love and be loved.