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Join Me as I help other pets find their Home Sweet Homes!

Cheryl Meyer

Cheryl Meyer

Hello, Her Highness Princess Bella here!

On Saturday, October 3, I'm joining my Mommy Cheryl to walk our very own virtual Doggie Dash, a fundraiser for Oregon Humane Society!
We aren't sure where we will be walking yet, but plan to walk a 5K for the cause!

Way back when, in 2015, the nice folks at OHS brought a big fancy van to Klamath Falls, and invited me to move north to Portland. Faced with a very uncertain future in K Falls, I gladly hopped aboard, and thus began the adventure to find my new family and home!

When I arrived at OHS, they offered me a nice little bedroom and told me "You're welcome to stay for as long as you need to". What a wonderful gift, to know I would never be lost or left alone to find my way in the world!

What I didn't know that day is that I would only be staying two nights in my new digs. Daddy Dave and Mommy Cheryl came to meet me at the crack of dawn on my 3rd day, and whisked me off to my new life of leisure. I can't believe it has been 5 YEARS already!

The nice people of the Portland/SW Washington metro area are so kind, they adopt thousands of pets like me from all over the western US.
When I moved to Oregon in 2015, I was one of 6383 pets (3716 dogs) who came to Portland as part of the OHS Second Chance program.
In the past five years, OHS has rescued between 6300-8100 pets EVERY YEAR through Second Chance partnerships with over 80 agencies!

And if this wasn't enough, from 2015-2019, Oregon Humane Society has found new homes for between 11,000-12,000 animals every year!

Can I get a "WOO WOOOO" for OHS and all their good work!!

OHS does so many great things for animals and our community, I can't list them all, even on four paws! Below is their website, so you can check it out for more information!

2020 has been such an interesting year!
I have been so happy to have Mommy and Daddy home with me so much! But they tell me things are difficult for humans these days.
I told Mommy I would support her with the virtual Doggie Dash because it has been a challenging time for OHS as well, as they work through obstacles and find ways to keep the shelter, hospital and other services open and running.
The animals still need OHS - and us - perhaps more than ever right now.

I hope you will join us in support of Oregon Humane Society!
I will be fur-ever grateful!

- Miss Bella and Mommy Cheryl Meyer



“I don’t do selfies”. -Miss Bella

Thank You Donors!

Mommy and I had a great Doggie Dash walk this week at Nehalem Bay State Park! It was a cloudy day, but comfortable for the walk. I found so many nature smells to check out. And lots of nice people said “Hello” along the walking/bike trail. Still terrorized by a few pesky squirrels - DARN those squirrels! - but all in all a nice walk with Mommy. And she hugged me and thanked me for finding her. And for giving back so other great animals can find their happy homes too! Thank you to everyone for your support! We couldn’t do this without you! 🐾 👏🏻 Bella and Cheryl


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