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In Remembrance of my Precious Birmie

Carol Christensen

Carol Christensen

On April 18 Birmie crossed the rainbow bridge. During the 7 years he was with me, he brought love and entertainment. His story also tells a story of OHS.

June 2015 OHS was contacted by officials in Klamath Falls. A man had 114 cats living in his home! The cats were removed, but Kamath Falls could not provide treatment or find homes for 114 cats.

As a driver for the Second Chance program, I drove to Klamath Falls and brought 95 cats to OHS. I opened my home to four fosters. These lovely cats stayed with me while OHS fit dental surgeries into their schedule. Stricken with stomatitis, Birmie lost all his back teeth. I returned 3 of the cats and brought Birmie into my home.

Over the years Birmie was a fantastic big brother to hundreds of fosters- cats, dogs, rabbits, hamsters- he didn't care who or what you are, he loved every animal and person.

He participated, along with numerous dogs, on telethons and at events. Two years ago his image graced billboards around town, promoting OHS' desire to create a More Humane Society. His mission to help other animals continues are his image is used to promote the Legacy program- encouraging people to remember OHS in their estate planning.

Five years ago Birmie was diagnosed with liver issues. Treatment caused diabetes which I got into remission. Later he developed IBD (irritable bowel disease) which reactived his diabetes. His liver issues flaired up, along with gallbladder issues. He finally succumbed to liver failure.

Birmie's story highlights the wonderful work OHS does.

I was blessed to be able to afford thousands of dollars to care for Birmie. Many people don't have those kinds of funds and have to surrender their animals. OHS will soon open a community hospital next to the shelter where sliding scale will allow sick and injured animals to remain with their people.

Second chance brings animals from overcrowded shelters that may not be able to find them a , to OHS where they find loving homes. Second Chance serves 60 shelters in 9 states.

Pregnant animals or ones with young litters are sent to fosters to get a good healthy, loving start to life. Other animals, like Birmie, go to foster while waiting for or recovering from surgery. Still others are fearful or have behavior problems that need to be worked on.

Humane Law Enforcement responds to thousands of calls for help each year. Many times education and resources are all that are needed. A few times, such as finding 114 cats in a home, requires removal of the animals. Occasionally, criminal charges are brought. OHS' new forensics and investigations facility will help prosecute those who willfully harm animals

Will you honor Birmie and the wonderful work OHS does for animals by making a donation through my Doggie Dash page?

If you prefer to donate by cash, please mail a check to me and I will get it turned in.

Thank you from me, Birmie and Gracie.


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