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Help Me Save Animals!

Hobie Pearson

Hobie Pearson

Doggie Dash is back, and I am joining the pack to save lives.

Animals provide companionship and comfort, as well as a good laugh when we need it. But we need to be there for them when they need help.

That's why I'm fundraising for animals in need at the Oregon Humane Society.

Each year, thousands of pets find loving homes through OHS. Some stay just a few days, while others are there for months. OHS offers other services such as the Oregon Humane Society Technical Animal Rescue (OHSTAR). Last year the OHSTAR team received almost 400 requests for animal rescue assistance. Donations made to OHS not only help animals in the shelter find new homes and a better life, but they also help save animals in dangerous, sometimes life-threatening positions.

Pictured is Roman, a 200lbs Mastiff, who had gone over a cliff in Columbia County. The Columbia County Animal Control contacted OHSTAR asking for assistance and a response team was activated and sent to the scene to assist Roman who had been out on a trail with his family when he slid 70 ft down an embankment. Roman was stressed, exhausted and unable to get himself back up the steep muddy embankment. Using a high angle, double rope system two rescuers were lowered to Roman, and it was determined he was uninjured, but exhausted. A stokes basket was sent down to the rescuers and Roman was carefully loaded and secured before being lifted up and back to his owners.

This is just one story of many that highlight the need for emergency animal response and the ability to care for animals in these situations. I am asking for donations to help OHS be prepared to assist when disaster strikes as well as the other great work they do. Please help me help animals in need like Roman. It doesn't have to be a lot; every little bit helps. Here is the link to my donation page:

I hope you'll join me in helping pets from all walks of life. Please donate now!


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