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Join Me and Big Z in Helping Pets!

Josh Fedderly

Josh Fedderly

Hello friends!

As you may (or may not) know, our family are big-time animal lovers and advocates… vacations over the years have even revolved around visiting and volunteering with rescue organizations in Thailand and Costa Rica.

The Oregon Humane Society is very important to us in particular… nearly all of our many furry family members over the past quarter-century have been OHS rescues. I’m talking double-digits here. Besides our own history, they truly are one of the best animal-welfare orgs anywhere, and do a ton of good.

OHS’s primary annual fundraiser is their “Doggie Dash” fun run in downtown PDX, which Big Z and I did in 2019, and—no exaggeration—it was the greatest day of his life. Z weighs 150 pounds and downed a pancake breakfast, then tore off the first mile at a 7-minute pace, dragging me with him, before fading and finally stopping to take a dump in the homestretch… 😆

In 2020, Covid-19 forced OHS to downsize and turn it into a virtual event, where fundraisers run safely on their own, and we recreated that fun as best we could… with pancake breakfast + balloon-arch finish, of course. It even happened on Big Z's ‘birthday’—the exact same day we adopted him from OHS two years earlier!

Hey, this has been a lousy past year (okay, more than a year) for everyone, but that’s why OHS needs our help more than ever. We're hoping that this will be their final virtual run; if we can all beat Covid-19 into submission through the rest of 2021, we’ll get back to a massive, fun downtown Doggie Dash next year!

If you’re willing and able to donate anything at all—five bucks!—we’ll gratefully pass it on to OHS! And afterwards, we’ll share the fun photos of us doing the hard work, in appreciation of your generosity... 😅

- Josh and Big Z


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