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Help Me Save Animals!

Laura Klink

Laura Klink

Doggie Dash is back, and I am joining the pack to save lives.

In my work and during my volunteer shifts, I have the opportunity to meet some very special animals and the incredible staff and volunteers who care for them.

That's why I'm fundraising for animals in need at the Oregon Humane Society.

Each year, thousands of pets find loving homes through OHS. Some stay just a few days, while others are there for months.

Rowan, the dog in my profile pic, was in OHS' care for more than a year before he found the right match. He struggled in the shelter environment, was very anxious and reactive. I would often bring him up to my office and I got to see the sensitive, loving boy that he is under all his barking and bluster.

It took an army of staff and volunteers to help this guy. We all knew the right home was out there - but it was going to take time. He was able to spend time in a loving foster home and we found every creative way to tell his story to find him a home.

Rowan did find a home - the perfect home with someone who truly understands him. When we got an update about him being an amazing buddy and best friend it was the best thing ever.

I hope you'll join me in helping pets from all walks of life. Please donate now!


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