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Help Me Save Animals!

Tomlin Paolucci

Tomlin Paolucci

I do it for them! For the Nutellas, the medical cases, the behavior cases, and the puppies & kittens. For the bigs, the smalls, the serious, and the goofballs. For my BMod pups!

Please consider a donation to Doggie Dash to support more pets in need like these!

And Nutella! My personal dog

Tugboat - Available for adoption

Millie - Available for adoption

Princess Peach - Available for Adoption

Magnolia - Adoption pending

Phyllis - Adopted!


Taki - Adopted!

Reggie - Adopted!

Lucy - Adopted!

Jeri - Adopted!

Barbara - Adopted!

Mushu - Adopted!

Hank - Adopted!

Gunther - Adopted!


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