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Pets need People, and People need Pets

Pat Anderson

Pat Anderson

I was concerned about asking for donations for animals because so many people are in need right now.

And then there was the OHS story in my inbox, about a man who had lost his wife of over 40 years, and his cat soon after that. He was longing for a companion, and was isolated due to the stay-at-home order.

He called OHS and they chose a cat for him. He was so excited he was 15 minutes early for his appointment to meet her. She was a "perfect match." His OHS contact checks in with him regularly. He is sleeping better now.

At OHS, we save pets. We save them for people.

Thank you for your considering a donation to Oregon Humane Society.



Arnold, who took a piece of my heart home with him.

Today's the day! I'm making one more appeal to help furry friends find new families.


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