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Help Me Save Animals!

Katie Hamlin

Katie Hamlin

Doggie Dash is on, and I am dashing to save lives!

5 years ago, my husky Odin came home from Oregon Humane Society. My connection to him connected me with the mission of the organization.

Years later, that same connection would land me a job there. Now, I spend my work days helping promote OHS programs, services, and shelter pets. I do this so these animals can have the same life that my dogs do.

Every pet at OHS has a different story. Some have a short journey at the shelter and find their people. Others take longer to find the right fit.

That's why this organization exists. Whether a pet is rescued from danger or brought to OHS, they always have a place to go.

Dogfir Dash is the largest fundraiser at OHs that benefits shelter pets. Your support helps pets get the care they need while they wait for home. There is no time limit on how long they stay.

Anay amount helps support:

❤️ Fighting animal cruelty and neglect
❤️ Training and behavior programs
❤️ Subsidized vet care for low income community members
❤️ Medical care for shelter pets
❤️ Humane education programs to teach the next gernation about how to care and be an advocate for animals.

And so much more.

Please donate today to help animals from all walks of life.

Odin and Athena. My motivations for helping shelter pets find loving homes. ❤️

Donations help support pets like Macy. She arrived at OHS, had her medical and behavior examinations performed by staff, had her spay surgery, and found a loving home in just a few days. Your support helps pets find homes.

Ginger, current OHS shelter pet resident. Donations help pets like Ginger get what she needs while she waits for her loving home. ❤️


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