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Help Amicus Save All The 🐶s & 🐱s!

Amicus Animal Rehabilitation

Amicus Animal Rehabilitation

Doggie Dash is back & better than ever, and I am joining the pack once again!

As you all know, Amicus' #1 goal is to help any/every animal in need. Because philanthropy is one of our founding pillars we're joining forces with the Oregon Humane Society this year to help fundraise for animals in need.

Each year, thousands of 🐶s & 🐱s are rescued, cared for, and adopted out to loving homes through OHS.

Take Houston's case for example: Houston, a chihuahua mix, came to OHS with two broken legs and was in critical need of multiple surgeries. OHS' vet team were able to consult with other vet specialists since Houston’s injuries were so complex. It took months for his injuries to heal, however OHS was able to provide Houston with the appropriate medical team members and a dedicated foster family for Houston to help make every step of his recovery successful!

Today, Houston is healthy & enjoying his new life in a loving home. This all happened through funds/donations from animal lovers just like YOU

We hope you'll join us in helping pets, both dogs and cats, from all walks of life get the medical care they need and to find their furever homes 🧡


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