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We really need you right now...

Rose Williams-Fitzpatrick

Rose Williams-Fitzpatrick

I’ve never been afraid because of our amazing resources and strong community,

But in a time that is uncertain for all of us, it is also still very uncertain for the homeless pets I work to protect every day…

We are doing O.K.… but want to continue supporting our partner shelters that are not. Those who have had to close down lifesaving efforts, lay off staff, and find new places to house the pets they fought so hard to save.
We want to help, but with limited resources ourselves that is getting harder and harder every day, so I am sad.

I am sad we had to postpone vital fundraising events, and sad we won't be able to host essential donation drives.

Most of all I am sad for all of these poor animals suffering from quarantine just like us. Not just sad because of lovely dogs like Sancho who have been, and will remain in our care until this has passed, but sad for those we won’t be able to save.

I am sad for those who won’t make it through our doors because we don’t have enough space. Not enough resources. Not enough adopters coming in. Not enough donors… Not enough.

I’ve never been afraid before… because of our amazing resources and strong community…

So I am calling all who have the privilege and capability to please consider helping me. Our largest fundraiser of the year, Doggie Dash, may have been postponed, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need your support now more than ever.

Thank you so much. Your donation means the world to all of us.


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