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Do it for pups like Harvey and Autumn!

Rose Williams-Fitzpatrick

Rose Williams-Fitzpatrick

Guys, this has been so hard. If you know me at all, you know my love of pets. Not only do I work for OHS, and have I cared for puppies and kittens for years now, but I also have five rescues of my own.

Harvey was rescued from Hurrican Harvey in TX in 2017 and was only able to come to us because of the amazing work of OHS volunteers, and the funds raised by people like YOU so OHS could keep assisting in natural disasters all over the country. This is something that 2020 has made clear is an absolutely necessary endeavor.

Autumn was a rescue from a backyard breeder who had her and 14 other Great Pyrenees crammed in a double-wide trailer. It was only because of amazing supporters like YOU that OHS was able to take her in, highly pregnant, and foster her until she gave birth to some adorable puppies who all went to amazing homes as well.

Thanks to YOU we save animals every single day. Thanks to YOU we are able to support communities in need around us, saving and feeding many who are homeless in a time when pandemic and wildfires plague our own friends and families. Thanks to YOU we can bring spay and neuter services to those in need, we can feed the hungry, we can provide emergency surgery to the hurt, and we can give shelter to the homeless.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that we cannot keep this going without coming together and helping each other. Anything you can do to keep the positivity going and help those in need is not only appreciated, it is lifesaving.

$30 – supplies a large bag of pet food to an evacuation site
$50 – gives one day of care for a displaced pet
$100 – vaccinates 51 shelter pets
$300 – supports an emergency animal rescue team
$500 – provides medical care for two injured pets
$1,000 – transports 25 pets from wildfire-affected shelters

Thank you so much. Your donation means the world to all of us.


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