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A Walk for Animal Welfare!

Jes Jones

Jes Jones

Hey all,

I am participating in the 2024 Doggie Dash through the Oregon Humane Society.

This is one of the most well known and profitable fundraisers that helps keep our donation run organization going. From assisting high-euthanasia shelters with transfers to helping the public with owner surrenders and even taking on medical cases that need urgent assistance it's through your generous donations that make these life-saving options possible.

Please consider donating to aid us in providing much needed assistance towards animals and their needs.

Sophie sleeping off her spay surgery in the comfort of a new home. Little did we know, she'd come to be the keeper of the blankets.

For those that are interested, I will occasionally be posting photos and stories of animals that have benefited from the donations made to support the Oregon Humane Society. I will make an effort to keep the heart wrenching cases to a minimum, unless that is as aspect of animal welfare people are open to experiencing, but promise that all photos and stories will have a happy ending. To start things off, as no surprise to anyone, is the story of my own dog Sophie. She was brought into OHS as an owner surrender due to the new baby in the home having allergies to her. Surrender at 10 years old, the animal shelter was a jarring experience for her and caused her to shut down, curl into a ball and ignore the chaotic noises around her. Sophie spent all of 6 hours (the duration of my work shift) in an animal shelter before I took her home for a "sleepover" to see how she would do. Unbeknownst to her at that time, she was going to her new forever home, only to be brought back to the shelter once more to get spayed. The Oregon Humane Society offers owner surrender services to the public in the Portland Metro Area, lower part of Washington as well as down near Salem. Many animal are brought in on a daily basis through this service but not all of them are as lucky as Sophie to have such a short stay. The staff and volunteers at Oregon Humane do a phenomenal job of looking after these pets and provide them with the best care to fit there individual needs. Your donations to the Oregon Humane Society allow us to provide this service to the public for those not lucky enough to keep their pets in their home and assist us with providing for these animals in the way of food, bedding and enrichment.


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