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Carol Christensen

Carol Christensen

I'd like you to meet Hoffa. Hoffa, along with 7 siblings and his mother, came to OHS through the Second Chance program. Sadly, three were infected with parvovirus and ended up in the hospital. Hoffa was the second largest in the litter when he got sick. Last week one brother was 14 lbs when adopted. Hoffa was struggling to get to 5 lbs.

The wonderful med team nursed Hoffa, and his brothers, back to health. Although he is still tiny, as I write this he is preparing to go up for adoption tomorrow.

Through Second Chance OHS is able to help 92 shelters in 8 states with their over-population of dogs, cats, and small animals. Thousands of animals are saved every year through this program.

The hospital provides life-saving surgeries, dental work and love, along with being sure every dog, cat and rabbit is altered before adoption.

OHS investigators assist abused and neglected pets. They enforce Oregon's animal cruelty laws, which OHS was instrumental in getting passed.

THERE IS NO TIME LIMIT for animals staying at OHS. Some are adopted the first day available. Others need time to find the perfect match. No matter how long it takes, they will all find a wonderful place to live. While they wait, they will be loved, walked, fed, played with, given training and enrichment.

I could keep going, but at this point I will get to the bottom line- all this is done with no tax dollars. OHS relies on donations from people like you and me.

Will you help me raise funds for the animals? I will match your donation (up to $5,000) so twice as many animals can be helped. Please donate now so you don't forget!

Do you recognize the cat? Birmie (and I) have been on billboards around town. Birmie was one of 114 cats rescued from one home. I adopted him. He wants you to know Doggie Dash doesn't just help dogs.

Thank you so much!
Carol (and all the animals)


Farley and Hoffa having their first play date after being adopted a month ago


Hoffa, now Larry, was adopted by a wonderful family!


raised of $10,000 goal

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