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Chris Hoffman

Chris Hoffman

The Second Chance team at the Oregon Humane Society is responsible for transporting thousands of animals from around the country to OHS for adoption. Oftentimes these animals are coming from under-resourced shelters and rescues, where access to veterinary care and even spay/neuter services are limited. Our partner shelters and rescues are finding themselves in unprecedented situations, as the animal welfare/adoption landscape has changed greatly, requiring all those involved to rethink, repurpose, and reframe,

Our rescue efforts in 2023 ranged from local (assisting with animals on tribal lands, and other under-resourced areas of OR and WA) to national (transporting cats from the Maui Humane Society in the wake of the devastating wildfires on the island). While these rescue efforts were underway, always on our minds was the local need. Our OR and Northern CA partners are seeing a combined surge in canine intake, and a slowdown in adoptions.

Medium and large breed adult dogs are struggling to find placement nationally. They are spending more time in the shelter, taking longer to get adopted, which in turn limits our team in the number we can bring in. In addition, small breed dog numbers are dwindling. Conversely, puppies (mainly of the medium and large breed variety, are we starting to see a trend here?) are surging in population. Which portents a challenging road ahead.

Amidst these challenges, our team marches forward. We adapt, we flex, we push, because the harder we go, the more animals we can help. We have so many incredible partners out there who are moving mountains with the limited resources they have. Working tirelessly for the animals in their care. With your help, we can lighten their load. We can give them some breathing room. If only for a moment. We can help make it possible for them to meet the needs of their communities. We are fortunate, as are the animals in our care. And we couldn't do it without your support.


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