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Help Me Save Animals!

Jenny Rapinchuk

Jenny Rapinchuk

I am back at it for the third year in a row, participating in Doggie Dash to help animals in need! 
I am taking this opportunity to make a difference in my community by raising funds for Oregon Humane Society. I’m fundraising for: 

The 10,000 animals who will find a second chance through OHS with a new family this year. 

The pet owners who receive subsidized veterinary care from OHS so that they don’t have to deny their animal treatment due to cost. 

The victims of cruelty and neglect who will be saved by OHS Humane Law Enforcement. 

The shy cats and rowdy dogs who will receive extra time with the OHS Behavior Modification team before being made available for adoption.  

I’m fundraising because I believe that animals deserve to be supported and set up to live fulfilling and loving lives. If you agree, you can help support the lifesaving programs and services at OHS by donating now or sharing my page with others!

After $100 raised, the wheel decided I needed to draw blindfolded.


12 Hour Stream happening TOMORROW! 8am-8pm! Pop in for a bit, or body-double with me for the whole day as I play Stardew and embarrass myself when people donate! Incentives TBA! Spread the word!



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