Help Me Raise Money for Homeless Pets! Jenny Rapinchuk
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Help Me Raise Money for Homeless Pets!

Jenny Rapinchuk

Jenny Rapinchuk

If you’ve ever spent time with me, you probably have heard my cats’ whole life story and each of their quirks. I probably talk about them more than a mother of human children talks about their kiddos. Don’t you think every animal deserves this kind of love?

Every day, the Oregon Humane Society is caring for pets as they search for their perfect matches to welcome them into their loving homes. By donating to them via my page, you are helping pay for their daily care which includes feeding, cleaning, enrichment, and medical needs until they are with their forever family.

Please donate if you have the funds to do so. If not, spreading the word is just as helpful!

I will be hosting livestreams of my Doggie Dash farms Stardew file on my Twitch channel (jennteechuk) every Monday from 1-3pm PST to encourage my viewers to donate or at least encourage others who can to do so. During these streams, I will be featuring some of the shelter's longterm residents!

I will be hosting a 12 hour charity stream on Sunday, May 7th with lots of fun incentives as one final push to reach my fundraising goal. Start Time is TBD!

The next person to donate anything to this page has the power to decide what I name my first cow! (within reason! I have veto power in order to avoid offensive or inappropriate options!)

Since Spinkodo was the first person to donate during my last Stardew stream, they have named my horse Catbus!

During my last Stardew Stream, Spinkodo donated $18.68 and requested I romance the secret option: Krobus! Time to try to get that sewer key! If you think I should not be romancing Krobus, feel free to donate the same amount during a future Stardew stream and make your declaration!

Romance-able Characters

If you donate $18.68 during one of my Stardew streams, you get to decide who I romance in Stardew! It could be one character, multiple characters, or no characters! The catch is that I will be following the request of the last person to have donated that amount, so if someone donates the amount after you, they have overruled your request! My next post will show you a list of romance-able characters.


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