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Help Me Save Animals!

Katie Hovde

Katie Hovde

Doggie Dash is back again and I am raising money to support pets and their people. AND! If you make a donation to my Doggie Dash page, I will send you a personalized thank you video from a shelter animal who you have helped.

OHS is more than just an animal shelter. We are also a law enforcement agency that works every day to get justice for victims of animal abuse and neglect. Our stellar behavior modification team works with pets who need some fine-tuning before being adopted into their loving homes. Our Community Veterinary Hospital (CVH) offers high-quality, accessible veterinary care that allows more families than ever to stay together. Families like Bella's...

"Please give me a home." This was the plea written on a note hanging above Bella as she was tied up outside a Walmart in Portland. Luckily, a store employee was able to temporarily take her in and keep her safe, allowing the community to learn about Bella's plight through social media posts that soon went viral - which is how she caught James' eye.

"I saw something in her, and I knew we had to go get her," said James. As soon as James and his partner, Deb, met Bella, the connection was apparent. "It was love at first sight," he said.

But love could not heal Bella's raw, infected skin. James and Deb had a lot of experience with dogs, and they knew the cost of Bella's care would likely get expensive. They called their local vet, who referred them to OHS' CVH.

After two months of treatment, Bella has transformed into a beautiful healthy dog. "There is not a day that we don't cry," said Deb. "It means the world to us to be able to give her a home and provide her with such high-quality veterinary care."

Please join me in the dash to save animal lives!


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