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Help Us Save Animals!

Kathy & Jim Lillis

Kathy & Jim Lillis

Jim and I are once again participating in Oregon Humane Society's (OHS) Doggie Dash to help animals in need! This is our 14th year of fundraising for OHS where I have volunteered for 18 years. We have adopted and loved both of our OHS dogs, Maggie and Anna, but recently lost Anna to age-related issues after 10 years with us. We now have Nico, our energetic and extremely handsome orange tabby. Much of my life revolves around volunteering at the shelter, in fact, the dog in my photo was a foster we cared for just last year.

We are thankful for the thousands of animals who will find a "fur"ever home through OHS and, once adopted, can benefit from Oregon Humane's Community Hospital that offers pet owners subsidized veterinary care so that they don’t have to deny their animal treatment due to cost. 

In addition, we are grateful that the victims of cruelty and neglect will be saved by OHS Humane Law Enforcement. 

Through OHS Behavior and Rescue Center, shy cats and rowdy dogs receive extra time with the OHS Behavior Modification team before being made available for adoption. I've volunteered in this essential program that gives animals with behavior challenges the opportunity to learn from and trust in people. This dedicated team is committed to helping these pets become ready to be adopted into a new home. While some rescued animals become well-socialized family pets, others may be traumatized and need rehabilitation and extensive care before finding a loving home. Through this program, animals are provided with a safe and quiet space made for longer-term stays and not in the confines of a busy animal shelter. There are no limits on how long animals can reside at OHS!

We are fundraising because we believe that animals deserve the best. If you agree, please help support the lifesaving programs and services at OHS by donating (securely) now!

Thank you for your generosity and consideration. Every dollar makes a difference.


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